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BottleCloth Owner & Designer, Brenda Sacks

BottleCloth Owner & Designer, Brenda Sacks

The idea to make a line of contemporary table linens arose from my frustration with not being able to find linens with modern designs that were easy to care for.

Being an avid recycler and conscious of the build up of plastic trash in the environment, I was sure that I wanted to make the line from a recycled material. When I finally found 100% recycled polyester made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, I knew I had found the perfect material as this recycled fabric covered all the bases. It also fueled my desire to reuse what is already here to help in some small way to combat the mountains of plastic that are littering our planet.

I had worked in manufacturing and design in the garment industry in the 80’s and 90’s, but manufacturing overseas was a whole new experience. A large portion of the world’s recycling takes place in China. About 1 Billion plastic bottles are used daily around the world and only a fraction are recycled. Most end up in landfills, oceans and rivers. I’ve been stunned to see mounds of plastic bottles lying in the middle of beautiful countryside in some countries I’ve visited on my travels.

This amazing fabric enabled me to create an easy use, durable, spill resistant line of table linens, and it became the perfect canvas for the designs I had created. Now entertaining and cleanup is so much easier using my linens. I love that they can be spot cleaned a few times before you have to throw them in the wash, and they come out looking as good as new. Just what I wanted!