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Happy Customers

Great color and it's my second one! Washes very well and I love the unique designs.

by Ellen Hornyak, Tennessee

We have the classic blue color of this modern take on oversized gingham. It makes for the perfect backdrop for barbecues and outdoor parties. The best part: they look perfect right out of the wash.

by Cassandra, Crave Local

Love my BottleCloth. It really gives my room a lift. It has been quite a conversation piece during dinner with friends, when I tell them about its origin.

by M. Jensen, California

We love this table cloth. Its bright, vibrant colors and modern Zen-like design transform our dining room. I also like the weight of the cloth, it is quite substantial while maintaining flexibility. It is really like no other.

by Venice Dad, California

Style, design, ease of upkeep, and durability are the four characteristics which come to mind when describing this product. This is the third piece I've purchased and can emphatically say the product delivers on all counts. In addition, the website is easy to use, helpful, and beautifully designed.

by M.L., California

I'm happy with this tablecloth. I got it in blue and it looks nice. I like that the fabric doesn't feel too plastic-y the way my previous tablecloth did. And I'm glad I can throw it in the wash.

by Eva J., Maryland

Love this design! Ease of care is like no other tablecloth I have owned. No more $30 dry cleaning bills; just wash and hang it up!!

by Kathryn Collison, California

This the best tablecloth ever!!! I love it and my friends think it is awesome-looking as well. Spills bead up and wipe away easily. It washes beautifully. I can't wait to order my next tablecloth for Passover. There is one with tan lines that look similar to a matzoh! Thanks for a great product!

by Ruth Casa, California

I recently purchased this tablecloth for my Mom for Mother's Day. She loved the bright color, design, and soft feel of the fabric. She plans to get more.

by Anonymous, Iowa

Love my new tablecloth! Was looking for something artistic and architectural. Very cool pattern and color. Will buy in other colours as well.

by Anonymous, California

Such a unique, eye-catching tablecloth that feels good to use because it's a blend of art and functionality. What a fantastic concept-- we love Bottlecloth!

by Water Gallery, California

I read about BottleCloth in Sunset magazine and then found their website. While the bright colors were appealing, I bought the neutral beige to go with my decor. It was easy to order and it arrived promptly. The quality of material was excellent, size was perfect for my table, and the design & colors were great. I love this tablecloth--it's getting hard daily use, and is standing up to it very well and looks fantastic to boot. I even bought a 2nd one in a different design. Placemats might be in my future too.

by V.K., California

This is our favorite tablecloth. The best part of owning this tablecloth besides its great looks, is how easy it is to maintain. Spills wipe right off. Stubborn spots left behind come right out with a little spray of Oxyclean. Then a quick cleaning in the washing machine, followed by a cool dry in the dryer, and the table cloth comes out crisp, no wrinkles and no ironing needed. This is the best tablecloth we own. Can't wait to buy another one.

by R.O., Florida

I do not usually get excited over items like tablecloths, but this is truly an amazing product - gorgeous feel, cleans up great, and is just really cool and beautiful. Even better, when you call the company, you get a wonderful human being (I got Amy Smith), who is so nice and helpful, and genuinely excited about the company, which is doing such a good thing.

by Anonymous, New York

So worth the investment; the cloth is densely woven, richly colored, and heavyweight. Liquids bead up and any stains I can't wipe away come completely out in a machine wash. I love that the material is recycled and not toxic vinyl. A beautiful and practical piece for my table!

by Anonymous, California

Love the tablecloth I purchased! Will be ordering more items!

by Sheila Jennings, North Carolina

We were looking for a unique, eco-friendly tablecloth to use at fairs and festivals and we were overjoyed to discover Bottlecloth. We purchased two and we absolutely love them. Our Water Gallery customers have even expressed interest in the tablecloths. Customer service was fantastic and we will certainly be buying more from Bottlecloth in the future.

by Water Gallery, California

Hassle-free, smart, and unique are the adjectives that best describe all of the placemats in the BottleCloth collection. And, did I tell you that they are made from recycled bottles?! UNREAL...you won't believe it until you see this amazing product.

by Kathryn Collison, California

I love the versatility of the Mod Stripe placemat pattern as it lends itself to almost any decor. The color combo of beige and black is classic and really makes a statement on my table. The fabric is of the highest quality and has a bit of texture to it which only adds to the rich look.

by Anonymous, California

Can't be beat. This tablecloth looks amazing with any setting. Woven cloth that drapes really well. Can be used indoors or outdoors and spills wipe off so easily! Completely washable and helps to save the environment because it's made of recycled plastic bottles. I love it and highly recommend.

by Anonymous, New York

Beautiful, and water just beads up on top.

by Anonymous, Washington

Beautiful design, outstanding quality.

by Lisa Kasanicky, Arixona

Great tablecloth for entertaining without worry from beverage spills.

by Tony Pruitt, Florida

Absolutely love these tablecloths, can not say enough good things about them! These are not the plastic-iky ones from your childhood. These are gorgeous, modern, well done, high quality, spectacular, designer looking tablecloths! I have had this for a few months now. I normally get bored and change the table cloth, but have not changed this (other than to wash it) in months. It cleans up beautifully, wipes clean when slops of spaghetti make their way onto it. I love, love, LOVE these! They are worth the price and are unique and top quality. I immediately bought a second one after I got this and plan to purchase many, many more! Thank you for a wonderful product! Who knew something as simple as a table cloth would make me happy, but it does! :)))))

by G. Briggs, Michigan

I just love this tablecloth! It looks great! The colors are true white and black, and nothing thus far has stained it. For the price it is a great buy. It is both durable and looks gorgeous.

by Robin, Missouri

Simply love all my tablecloths and napkins from Bottlecloth. Easy to care for and the perfect statement for casual or elegant dining. Love the patterns and colors. I have three tablecloths and two sets of napkins for every occasion.

by Debbie, Texas

It's all it says it is. Great for for regular entertainers because it washes easily (even red wine stains don't last!) and folds away with little or no need to iron. I'd invest in another one of these!

by Chevon, Virginia

Love these napkins and match perfectly with Angles tablecloth.

by Debbie, Texas