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Our innovative table coverings blend modern design with cutting edge fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles -- for the perfect combination of form and function.

Art to Table

'I love tablecloths; the bolder and more daring, the better. I find that it enhances the experience around the table.’ -Brenda Sacks, BottleCloth Designer/Owner

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Witty Conversation Tablecloth Bold Gingham Tablecloth Napkin
Witty Conversation Tablecloth
Priced From: 79.00

Bold Gingham Tablecloth
Priced From: 59.00


Bottlecloth’s unique line of modern eco-chic table linens, featuring bold and colorful original designs, is made of 100% recycled woven fabric sourced from plastic bottles. These innovative and functional tablecloths, placemats and runners are super low maintenance, spill-resistant and ideal for family gatherings.

Create memorable moments around your table with BottleCloth sustainable linens.